Dear future hubby.

Hello.Well i just want to give you a tip of what i expect and dont when it comes to our relationship.When you love me i dont expect you to just say it but instead mean it and let me see it and feel it. I dont expect that you post pictures of me, of us on social media confessing undying love instead show me how much you love me, I dont want us to be a perfect couple rather i want our love to flow in a sea of our perfect imperfections. For us to be weird together,crazy with each other. I dont want them to say that we look good together instead let them see how we happy together. I want us to be, well, real with each other that whenever one of us has had a bad day in the evening we like make the rest of it better.Yeah i know sounds so cliche but maybe am a sound and hopeless romantic. Simply thats how i feel. Can we be so close that an encounter with a problem by God’s grace you will be my advice to a solution? I would love for us to share a love that is so surreal only existent between us. That we fight like siblings do and talk like best friends. My care for You equal to your mother’s and yours for me equal to my father’s. Hello? Is it possible to have no secrets between us? Is it possible that we always have time for each other? Continues……


Amazing Father

They say; He answers all prayers

I pray, He answers all my prayers

I found joy in His castle

A castle of warmth gladness


His home of abudance

Tears they say, He wipes away

Sorrow, I pray He’ll take away

Almighty Wonderful God

His mercies and grace


He who casts not away, we

Who are His children

His flock

He who rescued me

From a hopeless life

From a worthless state

And uplifted me

And strengthened me

And enlightened me

And instructed me

He teaches me, what He wants me to do

And leads me along a safe path

He wanted me empty handed

That i can leave all my worries with him

Because He cares for me

And all heaven is waiting

Waiting to help those who’ve discovered

God’s will and done it

That we lay our plans at his feet

Till nothing of our own is left

And then he filled our lives to an overflow

He chose me, us,

Out of all the peoples on this earth

To be His own people,

His treasured possession

His steadfast love for me, us

Will never end

My desire and want O lord,

is to be in His presence

To sit at His feet

Where His love surrounds me

And makes me complete

A personal friend

An Amazing Father

To the fatherless

Am better?!

When you make a mistake in your life, you are bound to lose some of the people you thought you we’re closest to. Others will keep mocking you Others will make themselves seem more perfect
But others, well the ones that actually deserve a part in your life will not in the least bit be judgemental.
We all make these mistakes and none is bigger than the other. So let’s drop the hypocrisy in us and learn to live in harmony with everyone no matter what shit they did in the past. Everyone of us deserves a second chance


Love is not giving up even if it means that you’ve been tied in knots to somebody else. It means loving till the sun is dead, unseen, yet the sun we know never dies, it is constant. Love is understanding the one without them having to explain. Believeing they are there even when everything is falling apart, that they’ll be there as you fix yourself. Love is when you look at her and realize that beautiful is much more than she is; than whom she is. Love is when you let his hapiness fall above yours no matter what that means for you. To love recklessly and in the process wreck yourself and if still given another chance, you’d do it again harder and more recklessly. Love is unconditional love is selfless and vulnerable, passionate and honest. Love is them endless conversations, periodical disagreements, cuddles, laughter, sobs, smiles, tears…. love too is; giving food to a homeless man, helping an elderly lady cross a street, soothing a crying infant to sleep, teaching a child something new, giving someone the last bite of your snack, sending someone a song, helping a friend through a heartbreak; love. Love is abandoning all preconceived or known notions and just loving. It is acknowleding that you dont always have to act within the guidelines of ‘safe‘. Loving without the fear of being hurt as much as you are open to heartbreaks. Love is a commitment. Love is something you are unwilling to give up even if it means to break your heart a couple of times. Love is spoiled, love is everything. That even when your mind wants to kill it your heart still survives. Love is indescribable because no words can capture it in its entirety. And yet i can see it in his eyes, i can feel it in his embrace, i can hear it in his voice. Love, both beautiful and terrifying, though once you’ve held its physical manifestation in your arms, you know no matter what love is, no matter how toxic it gets, no matter how sweet, no matter how painful no matter how easy no matter how complex… Love is worth it!!!


Today, i want to pass a very simple short beautiful message.

Beautiful,yes i called you beautiful! It doesnt matter that the tone of your skin is a tad bit darker or way too light, it doesnt matter that you suffer from albinism.it doesn’t matter that your face is pimpled that there are spots left that you have an eternal scar. Coz there are no scars to your beautiful. Beautiful, Yes! I called you beautiful! It doesnt matter that you have an issue with your weight That they call you fatty? Doesn’t matter That you suffer from obesity don’t let it bother you. Skinny? That you seem thin doesn’t matter. You don’t owe nobody losing weight nor gaining it.No scars to your beautiful!Beautiful yes beautiful! They say beauty, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. It doesn’t matter that you can’t afford designer clothes and perfume it doesn’t matter what they say about your mode of dressing God’s creation is a beauty, you are His creation. Now what matters is what we feel about ourselves. Your love and confidence in you.Its a high time we appreciate ourselves. Y’all should not care what people say the world should change. You beautiful just the way we are. You are worth more than you give your self credit for. You are a beauty its true…..Beautiful

Revenge for justice

The morning sky had been a beautiful shade of blue

giving no inkling that the evening would be so dreadful

And grey

Her shoes slipping along the sidewalk

Her clothes slopping wet

The wind

And rain plastering her long weave

Around her face

Her usually brisk walk home was today hardened and slow

Round the last corner she went

And a few metres away her house she saw

She yearned the warm feel of her bed

For a hot cup of tea

A steaming mug of coffee

But her journey was cut short

Her walk home interrupted

As a hand shoved her into a thicket on her left

And she landed on the cold wet and muddy ground

Pinned then trapped

She tried’ah break free but her captor was too strong

She tried’ah scream but her voice was gone

Tears streamed from her eyes

A cold shiver down her spine

Not due to the cold rather out of fear

Her clothes were ripped off her

And she tried to fight him off

her struggles being futile

In that cold night, her innocence was taken

Her well preserved purity tarnished

And just as he came he left

Left her in the dark, under the rain

All alone with her pain and cries

She gathered strength and made the last steps home

Outside her door her mother waited

A frown evident in her face

And when she saw her daughter’s torn clothes

Her daughter’s pained look

And the blood trickling down her daughter’s legs

A loud shriek left her mouth

So loud that people gathered

And when some saw the poor girl,

They sympathised with her

Others sneered and jeered

Whispering all kinds of not so kind words

As if she had a doing with her saddening fate

Pain is all she felt

Hurt vulnerable

Worthless and dirty

Her sleep that night being a host for nightmares

And tears

But when morning came she made a decision

And on this day she plot her revenge for justice

The girl

Are you the girl? The girl who looks for something worth smiling at and lacks? Who tears seem to have become a daily meal? Who wishes that dawn will never come and night will never end for absolute peace is found only then. Are you the girl who lost her father to beer. Whose mother shows not care? Whose parents are never near. Or are you the girl whose father left to a place you know not. Carrying your sister and brother along leaving you with your mother alone. Or with a younger one who always asks where is daddy. The girl who lacks knowledge and understanding of the misfortunes in her life. The girl who was sent to Mama Mboga’s for sukuma ya mbao and unfortunately bumped into drank men who violated your purity and innocence. The girl who is left feeling dirty and used as her father is always toying with when your mother us out for the wamama wa kijiji chama’s. Or are you the girl who wishes to make her mother smile after daddy beat up her mom last night when he came home drank and found the doors locked. The girl who wishes to go to school but has got no one to pat her fees. Who feels pain as kina Njoroge and Owuor tease you when they see you carrying mitungis of maji from the river Or are you she who was forced into a marriage with an old man of ninety four years while she’s only fourteen. Are you the girl who goes for three days with no meal. The girl who many in the village forced to get the which left her unconcious in a hospital bed. The girl who watched her sick mother breathe her last in her bedroom the girl who watched her father push a knife into her mothers chest or the girl who wishes for an angel to come and save her from her cruel step mother who overworks her

If you are that girl i want you to rise up Shout out that the whole world may hear you Speak out that justice may be served That you may get the chance of schooling That you may inform them who dont know this things really exist That you may put an end to all evils Come out and let you voice save others who are in your position

A new day🌄

I have a certain liking for dawn

The beauty of the rising sun

The distant crowing of a cock

The chirping of birds

The relaxing morning breeze, cold fresh air

The feel of dew on my feet

The slow rythmatic sway of trees

The dawn of a new day,

To me it is;

The chance of a new experience

The chance to rectify mistakes from yesterday

The chance to accomplish yesterday’s dream

The chance for a tomorrow

The chance to forget my pains and fight for gains

The chance to make worthwhile decisions

The chance to mingle with my loved ones

The chance of sweet laughter with them

The chance to give a shoulder to a bereft mourning stressed unhappy friend,

an acquitance too

The chance to help someone in need

The chance to learn new things meet new people

The chance to up after a fall

The chance for many more chances

The chance to live again be cheeky be mischevious be a weirdo

A new day,a new dawn

See we got no guarantee of it.

No guarantee of tomorrow

no guarantee of today’s evening

no guarantee of the next hour

Nor the next minute

Not even the next second

No Guarantee at all

Your next second minute hour day month year of breath is a major blessing

God’s blessing

Blessings of a New day

Fare -thee- well😢

I’d say i knew pain before

But not like i do now

The stale smell of death

in league

With dank walls in the hospital’s aboard


quiet and cold

lifeless and gone

Leaving a well of emotions

amongst family and friends

Sunken dull pain ridden emotions

Overwhelm me each day

The joy i had with you

Sure is gone with you

Maybe am abit naive

as you always referred me

but sure there ain’t no good in all this

no better way to

relate this truth of how

naked empty bare withdrawn

my life’s felt once You left me

I lost you!To Him,

that gives and takes.

No! Am not by any chance complaining

Rather i am relieving my pains

The hurt i feel,

Is one i have experienced not

Well They say that in memory

There exists little disharmony

A barely visible break

in the continuity of the weave of life

I’m left with a scab

which is yet to be a scar.

Nothing else could be done

nothing else can be said either

other than peaceful rest ours💔

This aint no goodbye


A see you soon .

Fare -thee- well 😿

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